Sydney Royal winning Gelato and Sorbet

We are very proud to announce that for the first time, we entered the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy competition and emerged as winners. We entered four gelato and two sorbet flavours and each of them received an individual medal from the judges.

We’re especially humbled that, in conjunction with the Queensland Royal Food & Wine Show,\over the past five years, we’ve won 32 awards from the 34 flavours we’ve submitted – 6 Gold medals (including 3 _Champion Award_ trophies); 13 Silver medals; and 13 Bronze medals. It’s especially meaningful to have won these last six awards in our home city of Sydney.

How the competition works:

The awards are broken down into different categories of cheese and dairy. Within each category, each item is given a score out of 20. Those scoring above 18 points earn Gold; 16-18 earn silver; 15-16 earn bronze. Below 15 points, no award is attributed.

What we won this year:

  • GOLD for our CIOCCOLATO MODICANO E ARANCIA GELATO in the Other flavoured Gelato (must have less than 10% dairy fat content) This is made with an Italian chocolate – Cioccolato di Modica – from Modica in Sicily and locally sourced blood orange. Think of it as an artisanal Italian Jaffa!
  • SILVER for PAVLOVAGELATO in the Other flavoured Gelato (must have less than 10% dairy fat content) This one brings together our Italian background with our Australian lifestyle and has become a firm favourite with our customers.
  • BRONZE for TIRAMISÚGELATO in the Other flavoured Gelato (must have less than 10% dairy fat content) This is our take on the classic Italian dessert to create a nostalgic taste of home.
  • BRONZE for CAFFÉ MASCAPONEGELATO in the Other flavoured Gelato (must have less than 10% dairy fat content) Another Italian classic made with real espresso by Caffe di Lorenzo.
  • BRONZE for SORBETTO LIME E CETRIOLO in the Sorbet – any other fruit flavour (base mix to have maximum fat 0.5%) Made with fresh seasonal lime and cucumber, we think this one would’ve earned gold if it was served on a hot day with a splash of gin!
  • SILVER for SORBETTO CIOCCOLATO in the Sorbet, any other flavour (base mix to have maximum fat 0.5%) This one is a multi-award winner, customer (and staff!) favourite, and almost always on counter!

Although we work long and hard to create the best gelato and sorbet for our customers, it is an exceptional honour to have our work recognised by the esteemed judges at Royal Sydney. As first time participants, we are thrilled with the results and look forward to entering again in the future.

In a competitive marketplace, it is gratifying to know that our passion and commitment to using the best quality ingredients sourced locally and from around the world, actually makes a difference. The way we create our gelato is very artisanal. It’s certainly more time consuming and labour intensive than the standard gelato offering, so we are especially grateful to receive these awards as a mark of excellence amongst our peers.

Finally, we’d like to thank you, our beautiful customers for your never-ending feedback, support and loyalty. We couldn’t continue to do what we love without you and that is our truest reward.